How many calories can you burn on a trampoline? Calculator

trampoline exercise burns calories

If you do trampoline exercise or rebounding for recreation or sports, you may have wondered how many calories jumping on a trampoline burns? This article answers all your questions and more. You may use our Calories Burned Calculator (view the calculator here) to estimate energy expenditure associated with rebounding on a trampoline. How many calories … Read more

How many calories does skateboarding burn? Calculator

skateboarding burns calories

If you’ve been wondering how many calories skateboarding burns, we have answers to your questions. Enthusiasts who have been searching for information about calories burned by skateboarding may use our calculator to get an estimate (view our Calories Burned By Skateboarding Calculator here). Our calculator estimates energy expenditure due to skateboarding activity based on your … Read more

Carb cycling macro calculator for weight loss, active people

carb cycling with low-carb meals

Our Carb Cycling Macro Calculators help you generate individualized daily macronutrient balances for meal plans optimized to promote weight loss and boost lean mass in men and women. The apps generate macro balances based on macro ratios calculated for your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity level. We show you how to use the … Read more

Does weed have calories? Everything you need to know

Weed has calories

Weed is a popular slang term for the dried flowers and bracts (associated leaves) of cannabis plants prepared for smoking, vaporizing (vaping), drinking, or eating. It is also popularly known as marijuana, pot, grass, reefer, mary jane, and ganja. Weed is a herb that contains calories. There is very little information available online about weed or … Read more

How many calories do push-ups burn? Calculator

how many calories do push-ups burn?

Push-ups are bodyweight exercises that help build upper body strength. If you’ve been wondering how many calories push-ups burn, you can use our Calories Burned By Push-ups Calculator (view our calculator here) to get an estimate. Our calculator estimates energy expenditure based on your age, sex, height, body weight, workout duration, exercise intensity, and lean … Read more

How many calories are in uranium? What you need to know

how many calories in uranium?

Based on Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence principle, 1g of uranium releases 20 billion calories when it undergoes complete fission. Similarly, the amount of energy released when 1 kg (2.2lbs) of uranium-235 undergoes complete fission is approximately 20 billion kilocalories. This article shows you how to use the Einstein equation E=mc2 to calculate the number of calories released by … Read more

How many calories do sit-ups burn? Calculator

how many calories do sit-ups burn

Sit-ups are bodyweight exercises that strengthen abdominal and core muscles while burning calories. How many calories you burn while doing sit-ups depends on multiple factors, such as age, sex (gender), height, weight, exercise intensity, duration, and lean body mass. We present a Calories Burned Calculator (click the link to view our calculator) that lets you … Read more

How many calories do squats burn? Calculator

squats burn calories

How many calories are burned by doing bodyweight or weighted squats depends on many factors, including age, sex, height, weight, lean body mass, duration, and intensity of activity. We present Calories Burned Calculators (view our calculators here) that estimate your rate of energy expenditure while performing bodyweight and weighted squats (barbells and dumbells). The calculators estimate … Read more

How many calories should a 16-year-old eat? Calculator

how many calories should 16-year-olds eat

This article answers your questions about how many calories 16-year-olds need. A teenager’s calorie requirement depends on many factors, including gender. A 16-year-old boy may need up to 3,200 calories daily. A girl needs up to 2,400 calories, according to the 2020-25 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). However, you can make fine-tuning adjustments to these … Read more

How to burn calories while sitting: 21 health tips

how to burn calories while sitting

This article answers questions you may have about how to burn calories while sitting and the health benefits of increased activity during prolonged sitting. We list practical strategies you may adopt to burn calories while sitting and thus improve your health status. Research studies suggest that even modest physical activity levels while sitting may be … Read more