Drinking or sniffing rubbing alcohol? What you need to know

rubbing alcohol sanitizer

Drinking and sniffing rubbing alcohol for its intoxicating properties is a trend. Commercial rubbing alcohol preparations made from isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or ethanol are cheaper and easier to obtain. Thus, people unable to get alcoholic beverages–such as young people under the legal age limits–may resort to rubbing alcohol preparations to get drunk. Adults who can … Read more

OTC hearing aids now available in stores. What older adults need to know

OTC hearing aids are more affordable

People 18 years and older can get over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids in U.S. stores starting today (October 17). The development comes after the FDA issued a final rule on August 16 that enabled millions of Americans (including older adults) with mild-to-moderate hearing impairment to purchase affordable OTC hearing aids without prescriptions. Under the rule, adults … Read more