11 warning signs of orthorexia healthy eaters should know

orthorexics cleansing rituals

Orthorexia (orthorexia nervosa) is an obsessive preoccupation with healthy eating that inspires maladaptive behavior disruptive of well-being and overall quality of life. At CARE healthy living, we share the principles of healthy eating with our readers. These principles are based on the results of scientific research intended to improve well-being. Most people are familiar with … Read more

17 pressure points for neck pain you need to know

neck pain pressure points

Pressure points (acupoints) for neck pain are points on the body where stimulation may be applied to relieve pain or improve various health conditions affecting the neck. Acupressure involves applying stimulation to pressure points (acupoints) using compression or massage with the fingers, palm, or a hand-held device. Acupuncture involves stimulating pressure points (acupoints) by inserting … Read more

Blue sclera and iron deficiency: What you need to know

blue sclera and iron deficiency

Blue sclera is a common sign of iron deficiency in children and adults. It is characterized by a blue-tinted appearance of the sclera of the eye. The sclera is the fibrous, white tissue that covers the eyeball. It extends from the cornea to the optic nerves in the back of the eye (see illustration below). … Read more

Cryotherapy for weight loss: 21 coolsculpting before and after photos

cryotherapy helps weight loss

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, has become popular in recent years due to claims of various health benefits. Many people weighing their options for weight loss and fat reduction want to know whether cryotherapy helps. This article answers your questions about whether cryotherapy and coolsculpting (cryolipolysis) work for weight loss and fat reduction (read: … Read more

17 sauna health benefits you need to know

sauna has many health benefits

This article offers an in-depth exploration of sauna health benefits. Historically, people in cold climates used saunas during winter to heat their bodies and induce relaxation. Many believe that saunas offer an alternative therapy for promoting health and that sauna-induced sweating detoxifies the system (read: sauna and excretion of heavy metals). We shall examine the … Read more

Does sauna burn calories? Everything you need to know

saunas burn calories

If you’ve been wondering whether saunas burn calories or how many calories you burn in a sauna, this article answers all your questions. We also answer your questions about whether sauna heat helps you lose weight and burn fat. We present a sauna calories calculator (view the calculator here) that lets you estimate energy expenditure … Read more

How many calories in toothpaste? Everything you need to know

calories in toothpaste

Many health-conscious users are inquiring online about how many calories are in toothpaste and what happens if you swallow toothpaste. Judging from the inquiries, some people counting calories are concerned that their daily use of toothpaste adds significantly to their daily calorie intake (Find out how many calories are in toothpaste here). The sweet taste … Read more

Does vaping have calories? Everything you need to know

vaping and calories

If you are counting calories to stay in shape, you may have been wondering: Does vaping have calories? You may also want to know how many calories are in vape juice (read about calories in vape Juice here) or whether vaping makes you gain or lose weight (read: Does vaping make you lose or gain weight?). This article answers all your questions … Read more

How many calories can you burn on a trampoline? Calculator

trampoline exercise burns calories

If you do trampoline exercise or rebounding for recreation or sports, you may have wondered how many calories jumping on a trampoline burns? This article answers all your questions and more. You may use our Calories Burned Calculator (view the calculator here) to estimate energy expenditure associated with rebounding on a trampoline. How many calories … Read more

How many calories does skateboarding burn? Calculator

skateboarding burns calories

If you’ve been wondering how many calories skateboarding burns, we have answers to your questions. Enthusiasts who have been searching for information about calories burned by skateboarding may use our calculator to get an estimate (view our Calories Burned By Skateboarding Calculator here). Our calculator estimates energy expenditure due to skateboarding activity based on your … Read more

Carb cycling macro calculator for weight loss, active people

carb cycling with low-carb meals

Our Carb Cycling Macro Calculators help you generate individualized daily macronutrient balances for meal plans optimized to promote weight loss and boost lean mass in men and women. The apps generate macro balances based on macro ratios calculated for your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity level. We show you how to use the … Read more