11 warning signs of orthorexia healthy eaters should know

orthorexics cleansing rituals

Orthorexia (orthorexia nervosa) is an obsessive preoccupation with healthy eating that inspires maladaptive behavior disruptive of well-being and overall quality of life. At CARE healthy living, we share the principles of healthy eating with our readers. These principles are based on the results of scientific research intended to improve well-being. Most people are familiar with … Read more

12 best probiotics for women and health benefits you need to know

12 best probiotics for women

Probiotics are microorganisms — bacteria and yeasts — that live in the body and confer health benefits to the host. Although they are most commonly associated with the digestive tract, they are also found in the lungs, skin, urinary, and vaginal tracts. The best probiotics for women will contain the right mix of strains and … Read more

17 foods that lower blood pressure: Heart-healthy nuts, seeds, grains you need to know

Foods that lower blood pressure

This article provides a list of healthful foods that lower blood pressure you may include in your diet plan based on DASH guidelines. The list includes nuts, seeds, cereal grains, low-fat dairy, and animal food products that recent scientific research studies have proved effective for managing blood pressure. In a previous article, we listed 21 … Read more

21 foods that lower blood pressure: Heart-friendly herbs, spices, teas you need to know

Fruits lower blood pressure

Research studies have shown that certain foods, herbs, spices, and teas lower blood pressure while others increase it. Accurate information about foods that lower blood pressure (BP) may thus help you set up an effective diet plan to manage your BP. You need to control your blood pressure because high BP, also known as hypertension, … Read more

13 foods high in fiber with health-boosting benefits you need to know

Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber

Foods high in fiber offer health-boosting benefits that make them essential to any healthy eating plan. Foods rich in fiber support the healthy functioning of the digestive system. They lower the risk of gastrointestinal disorders, including colorectal cancer. Fiber promotes healthy bowel function by softening the stool and preventing constipation. It promotes gut motility and … Read more

Foods low in carbs: 9 keto-friendly diets you need to know

Foods low in carbs set on a table

Foods low in carbs are an essential part of keto diets designed for losing weight, shedding body fat, and controlling blood sugar levels. People who want to lose body fat, excess weight, or control blood sugar may adopt a keto diet based on foods low in carbs, high in fats, and containing moderate levels of … Read more